Transform curiosity into customers.


With over 80% of marketers swearing by the power of video, this is quite the holy grail of businesses looking to punch above their weight and experience new shoots of growth.

At Damarru, we help you transform curiosity into leads with a carefully nurtured visual metaphor that is refreshingly different and gripping from end to end.

Videos at Damarru is much more than stitching together moving images. It’s perhaps the most stunning expression of the values that guide us, the perspectives that nurture us and the approaches that inspire our work.

On one hand, you will watch your big business vision crystallize memorably into a plot that hand holds your audience on a journey where you control the compass. One the other, witness your reach and engagement grow virally with touching narratives that get unexplored new niches and passive audience clusters to sit up and take notice – helping your idea grow in bold new directions.

Be it cross-channel ads, brand stories, corporate presentations, visual brochures and catalogs or internal communication, our expertise in direction, script-writing, camerawork, lights, production and 3D animation technologies weave magic for you – every single time. A talent bench comprising veterans in domains like art, content and music fuels this crazy journey, and celebrations over wine (after every video has found bulls-eye) isn’t uncommon.

May we invite you to a sip?