For your brand, social media may be a marketing strategy. For your fans, it is simply a natural state of being. Understanding the difference is the first step to mastering social media.
Damarru’s social media team are passionate digital natives, first. Living and breathing social media 24X7, they are privy to the ‘secret’ behaviour and ‘inner worlds’ of social citizens, they stay on top of every new trend (even before it’s become a trend) and they know exactly when and how to engineer disrupt what’s ‘in’ (and what’s not).
Combine this with extraordinary knowledge of Social Psyche, Listening and Analytics, and you have a potent combination.
From building persona-based and platform-first strategies that are synced to your brand personality to engaging audiences via epic story telling to hosting meaningful conversations that add value to intelligently leveraging UGC (user-generated content) to plugging in the right influencers at the right point to powerful community building to designing irresistible Calls-to-Action to continuously refining performance with the latest AI tools, we help organizations and brands leverage the untapped power of full-funnel-social by mapping every metric to the big business purpose.
83% of consumers want to discover a brand through social media. Listen, strategize, execute and optimize your social media game o convert them into diehard fans and loyal customers.