Be Loved By Google.


SEO has moved on from the time it was just about stuffing your page with keywords. Today,the unofficial thumb rule in the domain is as stark as it is simple: You audience loves youonly if Google loves you. At Damarru, this makes our motto even simpler: Let’s get Googleto love us.
Given the intense competition and gargantuan budgets the big players invest in the space, it’seasier said than done, of course. For start-ups or organizations who can’t match that kind ofmuscle, it’s usually a lost game from the beginning. Not any more.
At Damarru, veteran SEO ninja’s – who live on the edge of things, tracking every emergingtrend – take an extra dose of relish from championing the dark horse. And helping thempunch above their weight. No matter what your gig, sector or budget is, we blend refreshingingenuity with deep domain experience to ensure you always have a shot.
Be it a 360 degree SEO strategy that plugs in invisible gaps & leaks, outranking competition(no matter what their financial stakes) via advanced strategies like interlinking and GoodAnswer Box, building page authority by valuable guest visits & links, making your contentgo the extra mile, padding up your online reputation with a vital layer of trust, leveraging thepower of ‘Local’, spiking up e-commerce bottomlines by hacking principles of growth,amping up app downloads or helping you unlock the true power of ‘Paid’, we infuse a heavylevel of ‘Google Love’ in everything we do.
For you, it means experiencing the magic of Search in ways you never imagined possible.Building extra Bang into every buck you spend. And getting found faster – when it matters.