In a connected world, bad reputation is bad news: It spreads like forest fire, and before you know it, all the good work done is gutted in front of your eyes. Which makes a robust online reputation management strategy critical to your competitive edge. But that’s just half the story.
After all, good online reputation is much more than just managing negative comments and handling trollers on social media. While that’s an integral part of the mission, the other half –building a positive ‘mojo’ for your business – is equally vital.
At Damarru, we treat Online Reputation Management as a science, art and craft – in equal measure. It begins with nurturing the right voice and personality for your organization online- one that celebrates your Big Talking Points, toes an ethical line at all times and often involves ‘introspection therapy to resuscitate qualities and facets that haven’t received their due attention so far.
It is accelerated with intuitive digital marketing gambits that dovetail deep expertise in areas like Listening, Monitoring and Analytics (across parameters like brand salience, markets,time periods, activities, and media categories).
And it is amplified with our strategic tie-ups and on-ground networks with RP firms and the media fraternity – taking your good vibes places.
Leverage the wisdom of domain veterans, master-crafted content marketing roadmaps and AI fuelled technologies to add spark to your business’ online personality like a pro.