Edge in today’s digital universe is all about influence. Is your brand leveraging the awesome power of Influencer Marketing?

If all your social team is doing is tagging celebrities at the end of each tweet, we’re afraid the answer is NO. Because influencer marketing is way more than that. It begins withunderstanding the mind of the influencer. And syncing it with the mind of your fans. And there’s a million potential slips between that cup and that lip.

At Damarru, we plug this lacuna with a delightful twist: Have influencers themselves orchestrate our Influencer Marketing exercises. After all, nobody understands one influencer’s psyche better than another influence, right? So yes, our team comprises both micro endorsers and macro influencers who are versed in a gamut of other domains like digital marketing, PR and content – making for a rich, go-to resource bench for all your brand’s Influencer Marketing exercises.

Bring your story to life by designing your stories and conversations subliminally around the right influencers. Identify and cast the right influencer by accessing the biggest and deepest databases across niche, sector and category. Match them with the right platforms to optimize engagement, reach and impact. Save on budget by skipping the temptation to splurge on the ‘flavour of the month’ (who may not be relevant to your cause). Build a relationship with influencers that go well beyond tactical transactions for a seamless and organic ‘ecosystem of trust’. Craft the right content voice and stance for a more ‘natural’ and less ‘rehearsed’ narrative. Leverage the latest AI tools to monitor, test and measure – fine tuning every campaign iteratively to make sure you moolah travels an extra mile. Leave the hassles of selection, negotiation and contracts to us.